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Asia Elects needs to maintain its IT infrastructure and can only grow with income. As it is crucial for our credibility to remain independent, we rely on advertisement income from non-political actors and donations (Patreon). We offer our clients to advertise to a high-income and highly educated audience that influences what Asia thinks and what it talks about. At the same time, your ad contributes to Asian democracy. Doing so, we are willing to be one hundred percent transparent about how many people view your ad through our networks.

Where can I publish my ads with Asia Elects?

You can place your advertisements anywhere where Asia Elects publishes content. This can be on our social media or on our website. An exact location can be agreed on via email. Your enterprise can be located anywhere in the world.

Who is behind Asia Elects?

We are 15 volunteers. Learn more about us here:

Who should advertise?

Any actor that does not act as a political entity in the public sphere. To protect our societies, we are committed to not advertising harmful content, such as playing advertisements for tobacco or alcohol. We are committed to factual and independent reporting. 

Who and how many people will see the advertisement?

Our daily followers are politicians, journalists, people in academia, such as university students and professors, business leaders – in short: influencers and decision-makers of today and tomorrow. They have an above-average income and an above-average level of education. Each of our social media posts reaches thousands of them. In total, more than 210,000 (November 2021) election nerds from across the globe follow our social media content on a daily basis. Our website has around 1,500 visitors every day. We are committed to being transparent about the number of visits on our platforms and are happy to share more information if required.

When can I advertise?

The timing of when your advertisement goes online is in your hands. We can put the ad up within a few hours easily.

How do I reach out?

Send an email to