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Note: The Economist Democracy Index rates the country as “authoritarian.”

The annual Democracy Index 2020 report by the EIU gauges the success of electoral processes, functioning of the government, civil liberties, and political participation and culture.


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Head of State (President)___________
Head of Government (Prime Minister) Min Aung Hlaing (*)
Parties in GovernmentUnder military junta

Parties (Currently dissolved by military junta)

National League for Democracy (NLD)
Aamyoesarr Demokarayhce Aahpwalhkyaote
Party Leader: Aung San Suu Kyi
Orientation: *
International Affiliation: N/A

Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP)
Pyihtaunghcu Kyaanhkinerayynhang Hpwanhpyaoerayyparte
Party Leader: Than Htay
Orientation: Authoritarian
International Affiliation: N/A

Arakan National Party (ANP)
Rahkineaamyoesarr Parte
Party Leader: Thar Tun Hla
Orientation: Right-wing
International Affiliation: N/A

Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLDP)
Shmtinerainnsarrmyarr Demokarayhce Aahpwalhkyaote
Party Leader: Hkun Htun Oo
Orientation: Centre-left, Shan interests
International Affiliation: SocDem Asia

Pa-O National Organisation (Pa-O NO)
Paaow Aamyoesarr Aahpwalhkyaote
Party Leader: U Aung Kham Hti
Orientation: Regionalist
International Affiliation: N/A

Taโ€™ang National Party (TNP)
Taaarinn Aamyoesarrparte
Party Leader: U Aik Mone
Orientation: Regionalist
International Affiliation: N/A

Lisu National Development Party (LNDP)
Le Suu Aamyoesarr Hpwanhpyaoerayyparte
Party Leader: U Arki Dawu
Orientation: Regionalist
International Affiliation: N/A

Zomi Congress for Democracy (ZCD)
Jomee Demokarayhceaahpwalhkyaote
Party Leader: Pu Chin Sian Thang
Orientation: Regionalist
International Affiliation: N/A

Kachin State Democracy Party (KSDP)
Kahkyinpyinaal Demokarayhceparte
Party Leader: Manam Tu Ja
Orientation: Regionalist
International Affiliation: N/A

Kokang Democracy and Unity Party (KDUP)
Guว’gวŽn Mรญnzhว” Tuรกnjiรฉ DวŽng
Party Leader: Luo Xingguang
Orientation: Right|Regionalist
International Affiliation: N/A

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