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Note: The Economist Democracy Index rates the country as “authoritarian.”

The annual Democracy Index 2020 report by the EIU gauges the success of electoral processes, functioning of the government, civil liberties, and political participation and culture.

National Parliament Composition

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Head of State (King)
Head of Government (Crown Prince + Prime Minister)
Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa (*)
Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa (*)
Parties in GovernmentIndependents


جمعية الأصالة الإسلامية (Al-Asalah)
Jameiat al’asalat al’iislamia
Al-Asalah Islamic Society 
Party Leader: Ghanim Al-Buaneen
Orientation: Salafist-Islamist
International Affiliation: *

جمعية المنبر الديمقراطي التقدمي (PDT)
Jameiat alminbar aldiymuqratii altaqadumii
Democratic Progressive Tribune of Bahrain
Party Leader: Hassan Madan
Orientation: Left
International Affiliation: International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties