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Note: The Economist Democracy Index rates the country as “authoritarian.”

The annual Democracy Index 2020 report by the EIU gauges the success of electoral processes, functioning of the government, civil liberties, and political participation and culture.

National Parliament Composition


Head of state (President)
Head of Government (Prime Minister)
Shavkat Mirziyoyev (ULDP, Authoriarian)
Abdulla Aripov (ULDP, Authoritarian
Parties in GovernmentULDP (Authoritarian)
UNRDP (Authoritarian


Oสปzbekiston Liberal Demokratik Partiyasi (ULDP)
Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party 
Party Leader: Abdulla Aripov
Orientation: Authoritarian
International Affiliation: N/A

Oสปzbekiston โ€œMilliy Tiklanishโ€ Demokratik Partiyasi (UNRDP)
Uzbekistan National Revival Democratic Party
Party Leader: Alisher Qodirov
Orientation: Authoritarian
International Affiliation: N/A

O’zbekistan Xalq Demokratik Partiyasi (PDP)
Peopleโ€™s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan
Party Leader: Hotamzhon Ketmonov
Orientation: Authoritarian
Ideology: Civic nationalism, statism, authoritarianism
International Affiliation: N/A

Adolat Sotsial Demokratik Partiyasi (JSDP)
Justice Social Democratic Party
Party Leader: Narimon Umarov
Orientation: Centre-left
International Affiliation: N/A

O`zbekiston ekologik partiyasi (EP)
Ecological Party of Uzbekistan
Party Leader: Boriy Alikhanov
Orientation: Green
International Affiliation: N/A